About me



My name is Donna Grayson. 

I became a midwife later in life after having my own 5 children. I worked within the NHS for many years in a variety of settings including hospitals and community teams, and then for 5 years with One to One Midwives carrying my own case load and giving continuity of care. I have felt very privileged to have supported women through pregnancy and birth and emerge on the other side as parents. 

Many of these births were at home and made me realise that women truly are warriors and most can have the birth that they want if given support and time. For those who need medical help, having that close relationship with their midwife makes it easier to pick up on concerns, and the trust is there to enable a smooth transition into hospital if required. Working in this model made me realise what a completely different relationship can be developed between myself and a client. Research has shown that this close relationship increases normal births. 

I'm now offering the same continuity of care as an Independent Midwife, believing passionately that, for most women, pregnancy and birth is a normal physiological process, and that having a midwife can help achieve this. For those with additional factors, this emotional and psychological support can be even more important. I have supported VBAC, breech, high BMI and a variety of other factors to birth at home, and am also happy to support hospital birth if this is what you choose. 

I can offer completely individualised care with evidence based information and appointment times to suit you and your family. I am also qualified in complementary therapies that could be used to support you in your pregnancy  via www.Expectancy.co.uk


"I birthed both my babies at home in a relaxed, non-intrusive environment with the confidence to trust in my body thanks to Donna!" - Hannah

"After having PTSD from my first birth, Donna was a much needed constant throughout my second pregnancy and healing home birth. She was exactly what I needed at every moment!" - Kat

"Donna's kind, earthly nature and wealth of knowledge put me at ease during my pregnancy and we instantly formed a memorable bond. I would recommend Donna to any prospective parents to be as she is vastly experience, dedicated to her career path and has a great sense of humour!" - Hollie

"From the moment I met Donna, she instantly instilled confidence and calm to my over worrying mind. There is not a question, however daft or random, that she 

cannot answer with reason, sense and a great deal of humour. I always looked forward to our antenatal appointments and always ended feeling strong and confident. During my labour Donna was a godsend - she was a beaming light of calm, and knew exactly what to do to keep me comfortable and both my husband and I as relaxed as possible. I cannot thank this wonderful, wonderful lady enough for our journey together, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!" -Emma

"Donna is an incredible midwife - I could not of wished for a better pregnancy from start to finish all because of her! She made me feel so relaxed and any questions I had she always reassured me. She was absolutely amazing with my home birth and I really wouldn’t want anyone but her to deliver my next baby." - Shannon